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November 22, 2019

By Lisa Petrison, Ph.D. 

The Mold Avoiders standalone discussion forum is designed to allow those who are currently pursuing or are planning to pursue the approach to mold avoidance described in the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance to get their questions answered.

Questions about mold avoidance and adjunctive healing therapies are to be posted only in the Mold Avoiders standalone forum, not in the Mold Avoiders Facebook group.

A Paradigm Change blog post provides more information:

Ten Things To Know About Mold Avoiders


Those who would like to read or contribute to the discussions in the standalone forum need to go through an application process in order to become Mold Avoiders Participants.

The reason for this is to make sure that all participants have done the required readings and are sincerely interested in following this approach, so that discussions do not get off-track.

In addition, the application process allows members to be categorized by Experience Group (e.g. “New Avoider” or “Highly Skilled Avoider”). This will make it easier for those who are new to the topic to get a sense of which participants’ comments may be the most valuable to consider.

The application process also verifies that participants are aware that interacting with others in the forum should not be taken to mean that they have entered into any kind of practitioner/patient or coaching relationship with any other forum members.


Applying To Participate – Fast Track

Those who have already read the Beginner’s Guide and who already are familiar with the Mold Avoiders rules may apply to participate in the standalone forum by clicking on the following link and filling out the form.

There is no need to do anything else!

Participant Application


Applying To Participate – Newcomers

Those who are just getting to know Mold Avoiders and would like to participate in the forum should complete the following steps.


1. Read the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance.

Individuals need to have read the book before they will be granted the ability to participate in the Mold Avoiders standalone forum.

The book is written in a style designed to be more easily processed by those with cognitive issues and is a fast read.

A Mold Avoiders website page provides information on how to obtain this book – as well as the additional recommended books Back from the Edge and Erik on Avoidance – for free.

Additional resources that are recommended for beginners are in the Top Resources section of the Mold Avoiders website.


2. Read the Mold Avoiders Rules. 

Please note that Mold Avoiders Participants are expected not only to have read the rules but to follow them of their own accord, so that active moderation of the forum is not required.

A Mold Avoiders website page lists the forum rules.


3. Fill out the Mold Avoiders Participant application. 

The Mold Avoiders Participant application is designed to confirm that prospective participants have done the required readings; that they agree to follow the Mold Avoiders Rules; and that they agree to the Mold Avoiders Terms of Service.

The application also asks some questions about illness history and mold avoidance experience, so that participants can be given an appropriate Experience Group designation.

Your approval notification will be sent to you via email.

Please do not fill out a participant application until you have already completed Steps 1-2 above.


Changing Your Avatar To A Head Shot

When your Mold Avoiders Participant application is approved, you will be given an owl avatar that corresponds to your Experience Group.

If you choose, you may instead use a head shot of yourself as your avatar so that others reading the forum will be able to think of you more as a real person rather than just an abstract entity.

Head shots need to be 200 pixels x 200 pixels in order to be uploaded onto the forum.

Unfortunately, the board software does not automatically shrink avatar photos to their proper size and rejects larger images. You therefore will need to shrink your head shot elsewhere to use it as your avatar, such as by using the Shrink Pictures program.

To use the Shrink Pictures program, choose a head shot of yourself that already has been trimmed to an approximate square.

Select “Choose File” and upload the head shot from your computer. Then type “200 pixels” in the Avatar Size box. Then click “Resize.”

The program will give you a variety of cropping options. Download the version that you want to your computer and then upload it to the Mold Avoiders forum as your avatar.

If you would like to use a head shot of yourself as your avatar but your illness is preventing you from successfully accomplishing that goal, please send the head shot that you would like to use along with your user name to the following address and it will be uploaded for you:

info at paradigmchange dot me

Reports about any problems associated with the Mold Avoiders Participant application process may be sent to that email address as well.


Additional Resources

Following are some additional resources that may be useful for those who are interested in following the approach to healing discussed in the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance. 


Mold Avoiders Website

Links to information related to the mold avoidance approach discussed in the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance are presented on the website associated with the Mold Avoiders forum.


Mold Avoiders Facebook Group

This group is designed to provide a space for Facebook users to participate in casual conversations on topics of relevance to those pursuing mold avoidance. Posts shared may include polls on topics related to mold avoidance or adjunct therapies; new articles or videos on relevant topics; photos or videos of members’ mold avoidance travels; and members’ reports on their avoidance experiences.

Questions about mold avoidance and related therapies are to be posted only in the Mold Avoiders standalone forum, not in the Facebook group, however.

Although anyone can join the Facebook group to read the content, participation is restricted to those who have read both the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance and the Mold Avoiders Rules.


Additional Mold Groups

Issues related to mold illness and mold avoidance are discussed in several dozen other Facebook groups and in a few other Internet forums.


Paradigm Change Website

General information on mold-related illness, presented with the needs of the beginner in mind.


Paradigm Change Blog

In-depth discussions of various topics associated with mold-related illness.


Living Clean in a Dirty World

A collection of recommended articles from a variety of sources relevant to the topic of recovering from mold-related illness, presented by Paradigm Change.


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