Mold Avoidance Basics

This page provides information on the most important information resources for those considering pursuing mold avoidance.

A more comprehensive list of Mold Avoidance Resources also is available.

Many individuals with chronic multisystem illness have reported feeling much improved when they succeed in avoiding exposures to even very small amounts of certain mold toxins and cyanobacteria toxins.

Avoiding biotoxins this scrupulously is a challenging undertaking, however.

Following are descriptions of some useful resources for those interested in pursuing this approach to improving their health.

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Back from the Edge

A short and easily readable introduction to many mold avoidance topics is presented in the book Back from the Edge, which summarizes the life history of mold avoidance pioneer Erik Johnson.

Back from the Edge is currently available for free to those signing up for occasional emails from Paradigm Change.

The book also is available in Amazon Kindle format.

A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance

This book – written by Lisa Petrison and Erik Johnson – is designed to provide a summary of the basics of mold avoidance to those interested in pursuing it or just in learning about it.

(Note: Tent camping is not required to pursue this approach.)

A free PDF version of the book currently is available to those signing up to receive occasional emails about mold avoidance from Mold Avoiders.

The book also is available in Amazon Kindle and paperback formats.

Online is a page of links to readings and products related to information in the book.

Erik on Avoidance

The book Erik on Avoidance is a compilation of writings (2000-2015) about mold avoidance by Erik Johnson.

Although the book is dense and not as easy-to-read as the Beginner’s Guide, a high percentage of individuals who have done particularly well with mold avoidance have cited it as their top resource for learning helpful information about the topic.

The book is currently available in PDF format for immediate downloading.

An Amazon Kindle version also is available.

Mold Avoiders Facebook Group

The Mold Avoiders Facebook group is a recovery help forum for those who are following the approach to mold avoidance discussed in the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance.

All participants need to have read the book or to be in the process of reading the book.

All topics relevant to healing from chronic illness in the context of this approach to mold avoidance may be discussed in both the Facebook group and the forum.

All participants need to have read the Mold Avoiders Rules and to do their best to follow them.

Additional information may be found in the Paradigm Change blog article “Ten Things To Know When Joining the Mold Avoiders Facebook Group.”

Mold Avoidance Safety

An article on the Mold Avoiders site discusses some of the issues that those pursuing mold avoidance have reported encountering and provides some thoughts on reducing risks.

Please be sure to read this information before beginning to pursue mold avoidance using the approach discussed on this website. 

NOTE:  All information provided via Mold Avoiders is for educational use only, with the sole goal of communicating the experiences and observations of those who have pursued mold avoidance themselves. It is not medical advice and should not be considered a substitute for consultation with a qualified physician. Patients are encouraged to collect as much information as they can from a variety of sources and then to discuss that information with a licensed and trusted health care provider before proceeding with any treatment options.

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